Animated children's stories by Daisaku Ikeda

The Princess and the Moon


Online from Apr 17, 2014 to May 1, 2014

Sachiko is unhappy and doesn't have a lot of energy. One day, a white rabbit appears and takes her to the "Land of the Moon." There, she meets her "true self," a happy and healthy girl, and Sachiko realizes she can be just like her.

The Treasures of the Desert


Online from Apr 17, 2014 to May 1, 2014

Yuta's teacher gives him a photo of the desert near the Dunhuang Caves in China. As Yuta daydreams about finding the treasures of the caves, he is miraculously transported there. However, the treasures he discovers are way beyond what he had imagined.

Words of the week

The worst mistake you can make is to give up on yourself and stop challenging yourself for fear of failure. Keep moving forward with a firm eye on the future, telling yourself, "I'll start from today!" "I'll start afresh from now, from this very moment!" ~ Daisaku Ikeda ~

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Name: Ansh Tripathi
Age: 7
Country: India

Name: Zaifa and Azan
Age: 9
Country: Maldives

Name: Zal and Zaza Dione
Age: 5
Country: Indonesia

Name: Giordano
Age: 4
Country: Italia

Name: Zheng Hong
Age: 5
Country: Singapore

Name: Ahmad Shah
Age: 2
Country: Afghanistan

Age: 5
Country: Afghanistan

Name: divya
Age: 8
Country: India

Name: Anjali
Age: 10
Country: Australia

Name: kashika mahala
Age: 12
Country: india