Animated children's stories by Daisaku Ikeda

The Prince and the White Horse


From Mar 17, 2016 to Mar 31, 2016

Bataar, a young Mongolian boy, wishes to cure his father's leg that was injured during a war with a neighboring tribe. One day, a white horse suddenly appears before him and Bataar starts a magical journey through time to rewrite history and to prevent the war from ever happening!

The Winds of Victory


From Mar 17, 2016 to Mar 31, 2016

Trying to prove he is the better soccer player, Kenji tackles and injures Yuta's leg during a trial for the school team. Impressed by the fact that Yuta still does what he can to contribute to the team; Kenji begins to realize the true meaning of sportsmanship.

The Princess of the Desert Kingdom


From Mar 17, 2016 to Mar 31, 2016

When the spring that supplies water to her kingdom dries up, the Princess decides to go into the desert in search of a faraway oasis that is said to exist. The Princess and her animal friends face many challenges in their journey to save the draught-stricken kingdom.

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Name: Juline
Age: 8
Country: France and UK

Name: Victoria
Age: 21
Country: Singapore

Name: Elina
Age: 10
Country: India

Name: sofia
Age: 9
Country: dubai

Name: Yuki
Age: 33
Country: U.S.A.